3 tell-tale signs it’s time to buy new golf shoes

3 tell-tale signs it’s time to buy new golf shoes

As golfers, it’s very easy to become attached to our favourite pieces of kit - including our golf shoes. 

The familiarity and comfort offered by a pair of golf shoes we’re familiar with can make it difficult to determine when it’s finally time to set them aside and invest in a newer, shinier pair.

However, there are a few tell-tale signs you can take note of to help you decide when it’s time to trade your trusty golf shoes in for an upgrade.

At GolfShoes.co.uk, we’re home to a massive range of golf shoes from the world’s leading brands - including FootJoy golf shoes, Ecco shoes and more. So when you’ve chosen to invest in a new pair, come visit us before you head out on the golf course again.

With this in mind, here are 3 tell-tale signs it’s time to buy a new pair of golf shoes:

What to look out for when it’s time to get new golf shoes

1 - No resistance from the material

Shoes always feel a little solid when we try them on fresh out of the box, right? And it can take some time to “break them in” so they soften up and align themselves more to the contours of our feet. This is particularly true for leather shoes and hard-bodied trainers.

But the opposite end of the spectrum is something to be careful of, too. When shoes begin to lose their potency and there’s little to no resistance in them at all, it could be a sign that they’re worn out or on the verge of needing to be replaced.

The same is true of golf shoes. With the amount of constant walking and strain we put them under on the course, multiple times a month, it’s understandable that their soles or other build elements begin to lose their structure. So if you’ve noticed your shoes have softened in parts - particularly in the centre of the sole or upper where the shoe bends as you walk, it could be worth grabbing a new pair before they betray you.

2 - Holes, cuts and cracking

Nobody likes walking around in a pair of trainers or smart shoes that are damaged and beyond their best years. But in the case of golf shoes, the damage could do more than compromise their appearance - it could lead to small yet disastrous changes to your game.

For example, golf shoes that resemble running shoes with soft, mesh uppers are more prone to holes and cuts than harder, boot-like golf shoes because the material is so much softer. It can be easy to accidentally catch these shoes with the edge of an iron, or snag them in a prickly bush when searching for a ball in the rough.

Yes, you could stitch them up, but a waterproof shoe wouldn't be anywhere near as effective anymore. And they won’t be as pretty to look at.

A shoe with a full-grain leather upper in the classic style, on the other hand, may develop cracks after time if it's not cared for consistently. These are impossible to fix, ruin the integrity of the shoe and should be replaced before heading out on the course again.

Damage like holes, cuts and cracking aren’t always possible to fix and, if you don’t want to put up with playing in golf shoes that aren’t up to standard, need to be replaced as soon as possible. 

3 - Modern golf shoes with more impressive advancements

The hardcore golfers amongst you will be the ones most likely to pick up the latest and greatest gear, equipped with the newest golf technology. New clubs with impressive advancements are emerging all the time - but golf shoes can also undergo a significant change from generation to generation.

Shoes that have been released since the last time you changed your golf shoes might be better at defending against water droplets when it rains, or offer a comfier underfoot feeling thanks to the inclusion of special cushioning.

If new or improved golf shoe technology stands a chance at improving your game or making your rounds more comfortable and enjoyable, it’s well worth considering an upgrade.

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