5 advantages of leather golf shoes

5 advantages of leather golf shoes

If you travelled back in time by a few decades, you’d find virtually all women's and men's golf shoes worn on courses around the world were made from leather. It’s not the same today - with modern advancements in production and golf shoe technology, there are various synthetic materials used in the making of the shoes we all know and love. However, you’ll still find many players - including professionals - opting for the classic leather approach.

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Why? Beyond the fact they’re traditional, leather upper golf shoes still offer plenty of advantages that make them an easy choice for players looking for specific traits in their golfing footwear. So if you’re thinking about trading in your more modern, sporty golf shoes for the classic touch, or you’ve never tried a pair of leather golf shoes before, here are some of the advantages you might want to know.

They’re durable

Many modern golf shoes are crafted from synthetic, trainer-like materials for an athletic aesthetic. While these golf trainers may look cool and can be very comfortable, they’re often nowhere near as durable as leather golf shoes.

Traditional premium leather is known for being able to withstand knocks and scrapes. But other golf shoes made from less rugged material can tend to puncture or tear if caught by something sharp or if they become trapped beneath unexpected pressure. This is especially common for golf shoes that are left in the boots of cars with other items that could cause damage if the contents rattle around during travel.

So if you’re looking for a pair of golf shoes that’ll stand up to the impact of clubs, golf balls and other instances you can expect on the course, leather golf shoes won’t steer you wrong.

They’re easy to clean

Top tips for maintaining and cleaning your golf shoes

Golf shoes that are crafted to match the feel and style of trainers can often be a nightmare to clean, because of the way the upper of the shoe is designed, with plenty of intricate layers of material and places for dirt to get trapped. This includes golf shoes with a mesh-like upper - if you were to step into a muddy puddle wearing trainers like these, it could be a nightmare to remove the dirt and grime that manages to seep through.

However, this isn’t the case with many leather golf shoes. Most shoes that are made in the traditional style consist of only one or two major pieces of leather stitched together atop the shoe, creating a mostly smooth surface that dirt struggles to embed itself into. This makes the cleaning process a lot easier than the competition. Plus, the smooth nature of leather means it’s easy to simply wipe down with a soft cloth and warm water to remove most pieces of dirt or grass that have become stuck during a round.

Beyond this, you can also use mild soap and a slightly abrasive sponge to help remove dirt and some of the more stubborn substances that get caught beneath leather spiked golf shoes. You can keep your shoes looking even more pristine by using shoe protector sprays, as you may do with similarly formal leather shoes.

They’re weather-resistant (to a degree)

Water-resistant and waterproof golf shoes come in handy when you’re playing a round and get caught in a downpour. They help keep your feet warm and dry, so you can enjoy the rest of your game, even if the rain doesn’t completely clear up. 

While most leather golf shoes aren’t totally waterproof - that privilege is usually reserved for more modern golf shoe materials - traditional leather does offer a certain level of water resistance. This is why leather pelt was used for hundreds of years in the production of weather-resistant coats and jackets, as well as some old-time shelters.

The thickness and sturdiness of the leather will prevent a lot of water from reaching your feet. It won’t entirely prevent your feet from getting wet if you’re in a heavy spell of rain, but in light showers, your feet will fare pretty well.

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They can last a long time 

In its purest form, material leather can last for upwards of 100 years, which is what made it an ideal choice for protective clothing for centuries. While we can’t guarantee your leather golf shoes will last for 100 years, with the proper care, they will last a number of years before you need to replace them.

In fact, the materials on the underside of your shoe will wear out far faster than the leather uppers that make up the majority of the shoe - this is because this is the area of the shoe that is taking the most impact.

The smartest way to help your leather golf shoes last even longer is to switch between multiple pairs - overuse of the same pair of golf shoes will wear them out much faster than if you have other shoes that can take some of the brunt of the game. On top of this, cleaning them regularly and using leather softeners will prevent cracks from forming in the leather, helping them retain their stylish appearance. Speaking of which…

They look impressive

In a game that’s as steeped in tradition as golf, sometimes, you simply can’t beat the classic look. Leather golf shoes give a timeless sense of fashion for any player stepping onto the tee and offer a feeling of class when paired with other more traditional and stylish golf attire.

Plus, now that enough time has passed between the present day and the times when leather golf shoes were mostly the norm, they also offer a sense of nostalgia that many players who’ve been watching the game for years can appreciate. Make no mistake, if you want to stand out in style on the golf course, there’s no better way to do it than with a classy pair of leather golf shoes.

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