How does hot weather affect how our golf shoes work?

How does hot weather affect how our golf shoes work?

For most, sunnier spells are the ideal climates to go golfing, offering warm temperatures and (hopefully) a lack of rain clouds, so the full game can be enjoyed uninterrupted.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the hotter the weather, the better the game you’ll have. In fact, in extreme heat, playing on most golf courses can become quite a chore. Not only because it makes us sweat and raises our own internal temperature, but because it affects the way we play.

If you’re an experienced golfer and you’ve played in a lot of hotter weather, you’ll be well aware of the stark difference between games in summer and games in any other season. Specifically, this shift in temperature can severely impact our golf shoes and the way they interact with the ground below. Want to know how? Keep reading…

How warmer temperatures can impact a golf shoe

Direct heat damages leather

If you prefer a classic pair of leather golf shoes, like many FootJoy golf shoes, you’ll know that you need to take extra steps compared to other golf footwear to prolong their lifespan and keep them in tip-top condition. Especially if they’re being worn in the summer.

Why? Prolonged exposure to heat and direct sunlight can cause the leather to dry out and crack the more it is moved. And when you’re walking around the golf course all day, there will be a lot of movement to be had.

Leather, like most materials made from animal hide, is exceptionally durable but undergoes extensive treatment to make it suitable for wearing. This is why many leather products come with ‘treatment options’ to help the wearer make the most of their new purchase. Ignoring these tips, like leaving leather untreated after prolonged spells in sunlight, will surely spell disaster.

To solve this, leather golf shoes can be treated with leather conditioner and restorer, which adds an extra layer of moisture and protection to the material, stopping it from cracking. It's important to do this with a new pair right from the get-go, to help keep a pristine look for as long as possible. This will also help maintain their waterproof protection.

A lack of moisture hardens the ground

When grassy and muddy surfaces like greens and fairways are used to more hydrated climates, like the ones we have in the UK thanks to coastal golf clubs and plenty of rain, it often gives a slightly springy texture that gives way just a little as you walk over it.

However, heat waves and prolonged sunlight can draw moisture out of the ground, causing it to become far more dense and hard. While this may sound like a bad thing, it can actually have some advantages. For one, some people prefer to walk along this type of ground on golf courses when wearing their golf shoes, as it doesn’t make you exert as much energy with each step, because your foot doesn’t leave much of an impression.

So whether you’re walking in more rugged, durable golf shoes like traditional leather spiked shoes, or more modern and aesthetic golf trainers - like many Nike golf shoes - you should have a much easier time putting one foot in front of the other when the ground has been starved of hydration for a couple of days. In turn, this will help your golf shoes keep your feet pain-free.

The beaming sun dries longer grass

Ever been caught in the rough when it’s been raining? If you’re wearing spiked golf shoes, chances are your cleats have picked up plenty of excess grass and muck that you’ve had to clean off at the end of your game.

But, in hotter summer spells, the opposite may be true; rather than being a sludgy mess, the grass becomes thin, dry and wiry. This can make it difficult to walk in the rough when looking for your ball, especially when you’re in spiked golf shoes, as the dry grass can tend to snag to your feet, making your job a whole lot harder.

But even in spikeless golf shoes, dried-out grass isn’t the best thing to be walking through on the course. So, as hard as it may be, if either side of the fairway is teaming with this type of grass in the summer, try to keep your shots on the straight and narrow. 

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