Why you should consider breathable golf shoes

Why you should consider breathable golf shoes

Golf shoes come in many different styles, colours, and varieties. 

But breathable golf shoes are proving to be a popular choice among players not just in the summer months, but all year round. 

If you’ve been eyeing up a pair of breathable golf trainers but haven’t taken the plunge yet, here are a few reasons why you should consider them.

Why breathable golf shoes will work for you

They’ll keep your feet cool

This is probably the main reason so many players opt for a breathable golf shoe. Having to walk and swing your way across eighteen holes will naturally take its toll on your feet. This can result in your feet getting too hot and sweaty rather quickly. 

But this sensation is made even worse in the hot summer months and if the golf shoes you’re wearing don’t offer any airflow whatsoever.

This is surprisingly common - a lot of players who don a traditional golf shoe that's thicker and denser than the alternative often don’t make the switch when the summer rolls around, simply putting up with the extra strain and retained heat. 

By making the switch to breathable shoes in the warmer months, you’re saving yourself hours of torture by allowing your feet to breathe and remain relatively sweat-free. That's why so many players use these shoes exclusively as their summer golf shoes.

Not only will this feel much more pleasant as you play, but it may even help you refocus and improve your game.

They’re lightweight

Do you ever feel like you’re being weighed down by your feet on the golf course? 

Chances are you’re wearing golf shoes that are on the chunkier side, right? While these types of shoes have their advantages, they can begin to wear on your feet and legs over time. But you won’t experience the same feeling wearing more breathable golf shoes.

Because these shoes are made with lightweight, breathable fabrics, with the denser materials reserved only for constructing the sole and spikes of the shoes (if they’re spiked), they’re easy to wear and even easier to walk in, offering players reduced foot fatigue compared to other shoes.

They’re made with quality materials

The major names that put so much effort into their standard shoe lines also put the same level of effort into their golf shoes - this includes the materials used in the shoe’s construction. Given so many of these shoes come at a higher price point than other shoes, it’s understandable that shoe manufacturers use quality materials to put them together.

In the case of breathable shoes, brands use synthetic fabrics that have been specifically designed to increase airflow into the shoe on the uppers, while retaining much of the rubber-like materials on the soles that give the shoe its sturdy grip on the course. This practice crafts the ultimate in comfortable shoes that offer the best golf experience. Breathable adidas golf shoes, for example, look and feel so similar to their trainers because they’re created with the same quality materials.

So if you’re looking to invest in a pair of these golf shoes, you can be sure they’ll have been made with the same attention to detail, care and impressive materials as some of your favourite trainers.

They’re waterproof (in some cases)

Despite the fact the thin, breathable mesh upper of breathable shoes allows for the escape of heat and boosts airflow, that doesn't mean they’re not able to repel water as well.

In fact, some shoes offer players the best of both worlds - the ability to keep your feet cool and to keep them dry when you get caught in a downpour. How? By combining meshed materials with waterproof sealing, like GORE-TEX technology, waterproof breathable golf shoes offer enough gaps between the fibres to release built-up heat while keeping water droplets at bay.

This means your feet can remain feeling crisp when the temperatures are high, and stay dry when you run into a summer rainstorm in the middle of a game.

They’ll help avoid the build-up of odours

Nobody enjoys pulling their shoes off after a long, difficult round, only to be hit with a horrifying stench as a result of sweaty feet. It’s not pleasant for you or the people around you and usually means you’ll need to jump straight into the shower and toss your socks into the wash to get rid of it.

But even if you always wash your socks, over time, this odour can build up and become almost impossible to remove completely. However, breathable golf shoes can help lessen these smells, so you can enjoy your game without worrying about the state of your feet at the end of the game.

Because heat can escape from the shoe so easily, sweat doesn’t form as fast, meaning these odours aren't able to take hold as vigorously - keeping your shoes looking and smelling their best..

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