Winter Golf Shoes

If you love playing golf all year round, you’ll need a pair of winter golf shoes that’ll stand up to harsh weather. Not all golf shoes are built to do the same job. If your current shoes aren’t up to the task, it’s well worth investing in a pair of winter golf shoes. These shoes are specifical. . . Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Are winter golf shoes hard to walk in?

Not at all. Winter golf shoes are built to offer the same snugness and stability as any other golf shoe, with a few added extras to protect your feet in specific weather conditions.

In fact, they often come with thicker soles that are cushioned for your comfort, so walking around the wet or frozen fairways will feel like a walk in the park.

Are winter golf shoes spiked or spikeless?

Winter golf shoes are spiked, for the most part.

The winter months can dramatically change the way your feet interact with the ground.

Unlike the summer months, where dry and firm ground is the norm, winter always brings damp, mushy or even frozen ground to golf courses.

Spiked golf shoes will give you the best ground grip and stability in these unpredictable conditions.

Some golf shoes are designed to tackle winter weather without spikes, though.

Is it worth buying winter golf shoes?

Winter golf shoes are a worthwhile investment for any golfer who doesn’t want to get caught in unpleasant weather.

Or, if you’re the type of player who’d rather push through these weather conditions than stay at home, these shoes will be your ace in the hole.

But they’re especially useful when winter rolls around and the elements are against you more often than not.

However you play, if you want to give your feet maximum protection, winter golf shoes are always worth picking up.

Can I wear winter golf shoes in the summer?

You could wear winter golf shoes all year round if you like.

Their excellent build quality will serve you well on any course, in any conditions.

But in the summer months, when the weather and temperatures tend to be kinder, you may find yourself seeking a lighter, more breathable shoe. 

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