5 reasons you should try spikeless golf shoes

5 reasons you should try spikeless golf shoes

You’ll find players wearing spikeless golf shoes on virtually every course in the world these days. But it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when metal spikes weren’t just the norm, they were enforced. But thanks to modern golf shoe technology and advancements in greenkeeping and course care, golfers everywhere can enjoy playing a round or two with their friends in whatever golf footwear works for them.

Some traditionalists still play in spiked golf shoes, and that’s OK! They were the standard for over 100 years with good reason - they offer unrivalled stability in your swing and are still worn by countless pros.

But if you’ve never played in spikeless shoes before, or you’re curious just how big of a difference to your game their features can make, here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider making the switch.

5 reasons you should try spikeless golf shoes

1 - They offer greater freedom in your movement and save energy

Walking around a golf course is a workout in itself. But what a lot of players don’t realise is just how much more of an intensified workout it can be if you’re playing in spiked golf shoes, as opposed to spikeless.

Every time you take a step, your feet automatically clutch the ground below, if only a little bit. That extra tug from the grass requires some extra force to lift your foot and take your next step.

It may not feel like much in the moment, but players take on average around 13,000 steps while playing a full 18 holes, according to Golf Monthly, and that’s not taking into account the time you spend looking for lost golf balls or walking around the green when you struggle to sink that final putt. Meaning the actual number could be much higher.

That’s at least 13,000 times you’ll need to pick your spikes out of the ground, which undoubtedly expends a lot of energy. That loss of energy could be affecting the way you play, you’re just not noticing it because that’s how you’ve always played.

This isn’t the case with spikeless golf shoes, though, because instead of spikes, the shoes feature specially-crafted soles (usually made of rubber and similar materials) that offer enough friction with the ground to keep you stable as you swing and generate power, without the added annoyance of spikes.

Making the switch to spikeless could save you some extra energy that’ll come in handy when you reach those final few tiring holes.

Plus, spikeless golf shoes are usually lighter than spiked shoes, so you’ll be saving even more energy with every step.

This might not be an issue for every player that wears spiked golf shoes, but if you do, it could be worth trying a pair of spikeless shoes to see if you can feel the difference.

2 - They’re comfortable

Don’t get us wrong, spiked golf shoes can be very comfortable to wear on the course. But because golf shoe manufacturers making spikeless shoes don’t have to worry about incorporating the spikes, they’re often free to explore using more lightweight, comfort-enhancing materials in their shoes.

For example, Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 golf shoes feature Biom Natural Motion Technology, with the materials of the shoe catering to the precise movements of your feet for a comfortable and relaxed golfing experience.

Plus, the Tri-Fi Grip sole offers exceptional grip with the ground and added cushioning, absorbing impact as you walk, so your muscles, bones and joints can stay fresh enough to play at your best.

With spikes, the shoemakers may not have been able to incorporate the comfort-enhancing elements of the shoes to quite the same level.

3 - They’re trendy

While there are plenty of spiked golf shoes out there nowadays that look a lot more laid back and less formal than their older cousins from years past, traditionally, spiked golf shoes have been seen as a far more formal piece of golf attire.

But most modern spikeless golf shoes are built in contemporary styles, to resemble sporty trainers and running shoes, as opposed to more formal golf shoes which used to be made of leather and follow a classic, outdated design.

These golf shoes would look right at home on the feet of anyone walking down the street and don’t follow a set design standard. Instead, golf shoemakers can explore more creative and colourful designs which would have been considered madness to wear on the golf course at one time.

For example, the Nike Air Max Golf Shoes look virtually identical to the striking appearance of Nike Air Max trainers, yet retain all the essential qualities you need in golf shoes to swing to your best. 

Their integrated traction outsoles with Nike’s special ‘G’ styling make them ideal for gripping your feet to the grass while swinging, so you can enjoy a great level of stability and style at the same time.

Some of these trendy-looking spikeless golf shoes can even be worn off the course, as if they were real trainers, but be sure to dig into the item specifics so you don’t accidentally damage your soles on rough surfaces like concrete.

4 - They’re easy to clean

One area spikeless golf shoes have the advantage over spiked golf shoes is in the cleaning department. 

Spiked golf shoes tend to pick up extra mud and grass as the spikes come away from the ground. This is especially true if you’ve been playing in wet, muddy conditions.

That means you’ll have to give your shoes a thorough cleaning when you get home, and picking mud and grass out of the rubber cleats on spiked golf shoes can be much more of a struggle than with spikeless ones.

This is because fine pieces of dirt and stones can become lodged in the crevices of the spikes, meaning you need to take extra care when prying them out. It can help if the spikes are removable, as many are nowadays, but it can still be a struggle.

But that’s not the case with spikeless golf shoes. Instead, you’ll only need to worry about removing dirt and grass from the crevices in the soles of your shoe. But these aren’t usually deep enough to cause any serious issues when cleaning.

A soft sponge and warm water are usually enough to get rid of any niggling pieces stuck in your soles, leaving your shoes in great condition for when you head out on the course again.

5 - They’re worn by professionals

There’s no doubt, on the whole, spiked golf shoes are still the shoe of choice for the vast majority of professional golfers.

However, there are a select few that have taken advantage of spikeless golf shoes on the odd occasion.

The FootJoy Pro/SL golf shoes, for example, offer amazing protection, comfort and stability without spikes. They’ve been worn by multi-time European tour winner Lee Westwood, as well as other pro players around the world. 

The foam cushioning combined with the brilliant underfoot traction make them a clear choice for countless golfers, amateur and pro, and they are a testament to FootJoy’s fantastic progression as a leading golf shoe manufacturer in recent years.

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