Ladies Adidas Golf Shoes

When you’ve got a full round of golf ahead of you, it’s important to have shoes that will keep you comfortable and give you the control you need. So it pays to have a top brand like adidas on your feet. Women’s adidas golf shoes are built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship th. . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladies' adidas golf shoes waterproof?

Most adidas women's golf shoes aren’t fully waterproof. However, some are made with the weather in mind and come with water-resistant properties that prevent water droplets from passing through the fabric.

This will keep your feet damp-free and allow you to have the best possible swing, even in drizzly conditions. Be sure to check the specific listings of each shoe before you buy to make sure it has the traits you’re looking for.

Can I buy ladies' adidas golf shoes with and without spikes?

Yes, adidas women's golf shoes come with spikes or without. adidas spiked golf shoes come with rubber spikes for excellent control and weight transfer. adidas spikeless golf shoes feature multi-patterned soles for reliable grip on harder surfaces with a trainer-like feel.

Are adidas women's golf shoes comfortable?

Aching feet will feel like a thing of the past with adidas women's golf shoes. They come with cushioned soles that offer both added comfort and push-off power creation, for even longer shots.

Many adidas golf shoes are also breathable, so your feet won’t feel restricted or sweltering when the temperature rises. Ideal for the Summer months, or a more relaxed, less restrictive round of golf.

Can I wear ladies' adidas golf shoes off the course?

You shouldn’t wear spiked adidas golf shoes off the course, because hard surfaces would wear out the spikes, and they’d be difficult to walk in.

Technically, you could wear spikeless adidas golf shoes off the course, because they look like trainers, but the spikeless grip technology would also be worn out quickly. If you’re wearing ladies' adidas golf shoes, stick to the course.