Mizuno Mens Golf Shoes

Mizuno is lauded in the sports world for producing some of the best running shoes on the planet, among other incredible sports gear. Luckily for golfers, they’ve injected the same level of quality and detail into their golf shoes. Mizuno golf shoes bring the classic Japanese standard of crafts. . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mizuno golf shoes as good as Mizuno golf clubs?

Mizuno golf shoes are produced with the same care and dedication as their hugely popular golf clubs, using only the highest quality materials, including full-grain leather and waterproof coating. They offer excellent comfort while maintaining enough support to keep your game on point. Still not sure? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll answer any golf shoe questions you may have.

Which professional golfers use Mizuno?

Mizuno Golf currently has several major golf stars under contract, who use their clubs and other gear in international tournaments. These names include Keith Mitchell, Greyson Sigg, Olivia Cowan and many others. 

Golfing legend Sir Nick Faldo won six majors using Mizuno golf gear. Plus, Tiger Woods famously used Mizuno golf gear very early on in his career, before moving on to Titleist and picking up sponsorships from other big brand names.

It’s a brand that’s trusted by the biggest names - you should too.

Are Mizuno golf shoes Japanese?

Yes - Mizuno was founded in Osaka, Japan way back in 1906, bringing over 100 years of experience to their exceptional products. The company began to produce and sell clothing for athletics in 1907. 

As they expanded internationally, they decided to focus more attention on sports like baseball and American football, very successfully breaking into the western market. Eventually, they began producing golf clubs and gear for every aspect of the game and have become one of the biggest names in golf equipment and clothing. 

Are Mizuno golf shoes also running shoes?

No - while Mizuno is famed for producing some of the best running shoes and other athletics gear on the market today, Mizuno golf shoes are not running shoes. 

It’s an easy mistake to make, though - Mizuno borrowed many of the design traits of their fashionable running shoes and brought them over into their golf shoes, giving them a trainer-like appearance. Some Mizuno golf shoes could probably be worn off the golf course, but their soles are specifically designed for underfoot traction during play.