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One of the longest-running golf shoe makers on the planet, FootJoy golf shoes have captivated golfers on every continent to become one of the most popular golf shoe choices for both amateurs and professionals. Some of the biggest golf stars on the planet play in FootJoy shoes, so why aren’t yo. . . Read More
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FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 55452
FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 55452


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are FootJoy golf shoes the best-selling golf shoes?

Reportedly, FootJoy golf shoes are currently the number one-selling golf shoe brand in the United States, offering them a massive share of the global golf shoe market. Along with being one of the biggest global golf shoe sellers, they’re also respected by millions of golfers worldwide for their grip and comfort.

Does Tiger Woods wear FootJoy golf shoes?

Yes! In 2022, Tiger Woods turned heads at the PGA Tour Championship when he arrived wearing FootJoy golf shoes instead of his usual Nike shoes - a brand he’s been associated with for a quarter of a century. When asked why he’d made the switch, Tiger simply said he needed a golf shoe that allowed him to be “more stable” because of the surgery he’d undergone. Nike even released a statement in support of Tiger’s decision. If it’s good enough for Tiger, it’s good enough for you.

Why are FootJoy golf shoes so popular?

FootJoy claims to make “the undisputed #1 shoe in golf” and there aren’t many people in golf today that would dispute that statement. FootJoy golf shoes were chosen as the official shoe for the American Ryder Cup Team in 1927 and they haven’t taken a backward step since. Today, FootJoy golf shoes are a mark of style, class, practicality, control and quality on courses all over the world.

Does Titleist own FootJoy golf shoes?

This is a common misconception - Titleist does not own FootJoy golf shoes. However, both Titleist and FootJoy are owned by the umbrella company Acushnet Holdings. Acushnet purchased FootJoy in 1985 and has continued to help grow the golf shoe giant considerably in the 21st century.

Are FootJoy golf shoes made of leather?

Several FootJoy golf shoes are made of full-grain leather and crafted in the same style as traditional golf shoes you will have seen frequently on golf courses decades ago. 

Not only is full-grain leather a choice that offers a timeless sense of style, but it’s also incredibly durable and, when cared for and stored properly, can last for several years before needing to be replaced. 

This makes leather FootJoy golf shoes - particularly shoes from their popular ‘Traditions’ line - an excellent choice if you value a nostalgic yet premium feel.

Are FootJoy golf shoes waterproof?

If you’re looking for a golf shoe that offers robust protection from the elements, FootJoy golf shoes have plenty to offer. 

Many of FootJoy’s leather golf shoes are waterproof, thanks to the waterproofing qualities presented by the material. But beyond this, many other FootJoy golf shoes feature impeccable waterproofing thanks to a combination of more modern waterproofing materials and techniques. 

These include such methods as special membranes that protect the shoe from water while also allowing air to escape, making these shoes ideal for both wet and hot weather games.