Ladies Under Armour Golf Shoes

Under Armour is a great option for women players looking for sturdy, comfortable golf shoes with a sense of style. But their looks are only matched by their reliability. Underfoot traction is never a worry with Ladies’ Under Armour golf shoes, thanks to Under Armour’s durable rubber soles that. . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladies Under Armour golf shoes waterproof?

Yes, there are some ladies’ Under Armour golf shoes that have been treated with a special waterproof coating. However, many come with a water-repellent coating. This isn’t entirely waterproof but still offers great protection when it begins to rain. If you’re unsure which golf shoes match your needs, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to give you all the advice you need to choose your perfect ladies' golf shoes.

Which famous golfers wear women’s Under Armour golf shoes?

A standout player on the LPGA they’ve been sponsoring for years now is Alison Lee. A former Ladies’ European Tour winner, Lee has been playing professionally since 2014 and always sports Under Armour golf clothing (including women’s Under Armour golf shoes) whenever she steps onto the tee. If you want to look like a pro in your next round, these shoes won’t steer you wrong.

What are women’s Under Armour golf shoes made of?

That depends on which shoes you choose. Women’s Under Armour golf shoes are made from various materials, for different advantages on the course. For example, some pairs are made from microfibre leather with a waterproof membrane, to keep your feet dry when you walk into some morning dew. Others are made from soft, knit-like material that’s extremely breathable, to keep your feet feeling fresh from the first to the last hole.

Are ladies Under Armour golf shoes durable?

Under Armour has put the same care and attention to detail they use for their world-famous trainers into their golf shoes, so golfers can experience the same benefits as general trainer wearers in a very specific setting - the golf course.

This means you can expect ladies’ Under Armour golf shoes to be built to last, with durable materials and thick, responsive soles that offer great comfort and foot protection. Take care of your Under Armour golf shoes and they’ll be taking care of your feet for years to come.