Mens adidas Golf Shoes

Today, Adidas’s iconic three stripes can be spotted on golf courses everywhere. adidas golf shoes are some of the most popular on the planet, thanks to their exceptional comfort, unique designs and a massive range of options to suit any golfer.  Adidas golf shoes continue the heritage of the . . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Adidas golf shoes have spikes?

Some adidas golf shoes have spikes, some don’t. But they all offer great support and underfoot grip in their own way on the course. Several adidas golf shoes feature six or more spiked studs on each foot for ideal control. Whereas others come with a textured, spikeless outsole for flexibility while you swing. The choice is yours!

Why do Adidas golf shoes look like trainers?

Adidas have opted to retain its iconic trainer-style image with most of its golf shoes, appealing to a wide area of the golf shoe market who look for a less formal, more trendy style of golf shoe. But make no mistake, the time and care that’s gone into creating these shoes put them up there with the big players. They’re golf shoes through and through.

Are Adidas golf shoes popular?

Adidas golf shoes are some of the most popular golf shoes the world over, having remained close to the top of sales rankings for years now. adidas have a wide selection of golf shoes in various styles and fits to suit every golfer, amateur or pro.

What features do Adidas golf shoes have?

The features of Adidas golf shoes change from shoe to shoe, but they all offer their own advantages in the game. Several shoes in the adidas line come equipped with improved sole technology, which provides the golfer with increased energy return and cushioning. Whereas other shoes focus on improved traction. Whatever you need, adidas have a golf shoe for you.

Which professional golfers wear Adidas golf shoes?

Numerous top names in the golf game have relied on Adidas golf shoes to take them over the course, thanks to their quality and effectiveness. 

One of the most notable names is Dustin Johnson, who has won two majors and many other titles during his illustrious career - many of which came while he was wearing Adidas golf shoes. 

Another prominent name who often wears Adidas golf shoes is Collin Morikawa, who has six PGA tour wins under his belt, along with two major championships. 

The reliance these pros, and more, have on Adidas golf shoes is a testament to their quality and effectiveness.

Are Adidas golf shoes waterproof?

Several Adidas golf shoes come with special waterproof coatings or are made with waterproof materials like full-grain leather. This will help to keep your feet warm and dry on the days when a rainstorm appears out of nowhere, on a day when you choose to play on anyway. 

Numerous Adidas golf shoes made in a trainer-style come with waterproofing qualities, so you won’t need to reach for oversized, clunky waterproof boots to enjoy a round in the rain.