Ladies Puma Golf Shoes

A long-standing player in the sports shoe world, Puma designed its golf shoes around three core components: Comfort, responsiveness and durability. Ladies Puma golf shoes offer extra thick padded soles, helping you glide across the golf course without your feet ever giving you trouble. So you . . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladies' Puma golf shoes lightweight?

Ladies’ Puma golf shoes are crafted with lightweight, sometimes breathable fabric that offers very little resistance and gives ultimate freedom to players walking between holes regularly.

Perfect for those warm Summer months. You won’t feel lumbered with overbearing shoes as you move from hole to hole - it’ll feel closer to walking around in a pair of trainers.

Are women’s Puma golf shoes comfortable for walking long distances?

Yes. Puma uses cushioning technology that’s served it well in other sports shoes, as well as keeping shoes as light as possible for a natural feel of motion.

This helps to keep your legs and feet in top shape, even when you’re reaching the end of the course when aches and pains usually start to build up.

So if you spend a lot of time on the course, these shoes will keep your feet in perfect condition.

Do women’s Puma golf shoes boost power?

Puma understands the importance of power in golf, which is why many women’s Puma golf shoes are specifically designed to aid in weight transfer and the generation of power.

For example, some women’s Puma golf shoes use special underfoot foam that’s comfortable and responsive to movement, but that’s also in place to help players push off their back foot better, for a more powerful shot.

This works especially well when you’re on the tee and need a few extra yards in your drive to reach the green.

Are ladies’ Puma golf shoes a good fit?

Whatever size you are, ladies’ Puma golf shoes always receive top marks from players for their sizing. If you’re a size six, your feet will feel comfortable and supported in a size six Puma golf shoe.

That isn’t to say the shoes are too tight. They’re snug, but they’re built with enough wiggle room to give players’ feet plenty of freedom, so they don’t feel too restricted in their motions.