Golf Socks

One of the most overlooked - yet infinitely useful - pieces of golf attire, golf socks can be a huge difference maker in your game if you suffer from foot-related issues on the course. Upgrade to golf socks today and feel the difference the next time you complete a full eighteen holes. Pick up. . . Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear golf socks?

Technically you don’t need to wear golf socks, you could enjoy a perfectly good game of golf without them. But the benefits they offer make them a strong item of golf clothing to have to hand.

A lot of golfers forget how easy it is for our feet to begin to ache during those long, arduous rounds - golf socks help alleviate this pain by offering an extra layer of precise cushioning, along with a soft texture to prevent our feet and ankles rubbing against our golf shoes, which can also cause offputting irritation.

If all this sounds familiar and is something you’d prefer to avoid, golf socks are well worth considering. Get in touch if you’d like to know more!

Should I wear golf socks in summer and winter?

While it may seem they are more closely linked to the colder months, golf socks offer benefits to golfers in both summer and winter. In the winter, it always pays to have a reliable layer between our feet and our shoes that helps to keep our feet dry and warm.

Whereas in summer, when the temperatures begin to rise, it’s easy for our feet to sweat uncontrollably. There are several golf socks designed to combat excessive sweating and absorb moisture, helping your feet stay cool and comfortable in even the most sweltering temperatures.

Are golf socks different from regular socks?

Yes - standard socks you would buy from a clothes shop or online aren’t made with the same attention to detail as many golf socks. Looking at many pairs of golf socks, you’ll find they are crafted with materials and designs that offer golfers specific benefits on the course, like moisture-absorbing properties and underfoot cushioning, that you would not find in regular socks.

Are golf socks for men and women different?

Golf socks for men and golf socks for women only differ in sizing and shape, considering women often have smaller feet than men. Aside from this, they both offer the same benefits golfers can take advantage of on the course.

Having said that, many golf socks could be considered unisex and can be enjoyed by both men and women golfers. If you are searching for golf socks with a specific benefit, be sure to read into the product details before making a purchase.