Ladies Nike Golf Shoes

Looking for some new ladies golf shoes? Nike brings its sports footwear expertise to the golf game in style. Ladies Nike golf shoes are packed with useful features Nike conquered the world of trainers over 30 years ago and has applied the same innovations that made their original shoes such a . . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladies Nike golf shoes lightweight?

Yes, many ladies Nike golf shoes are built with lightweight and breathable mesh-like materials that are designed to repel dirt and debris, while keeping your feet feeling refreshed and sweat-free. Because they’re lightweight, you won’t feel as tired as you move around the course, either, because you won’t have as much weight to carry as some other ladies golf shoes that are made from more dense materials, like leather.

Do ladies Nike golf shoes have good grip?

Ladies Nike golf shoes have an incredible grip on the course, including the varieties without spikes. This is thanks to Nike’s inventive sole pattern positioning, which differs from shoe to shoe.

For example, Nike’s integrated traction pattern is built to offer greater grip around the edges of the shoe - where grip sometimes fades - while offering a raised centre to match the shape and form of your foot. This helps you keep a solid foundation in your swing while also generating better power.

Do ladies Nike golf shoes last a long time?

Like with any shoe, the more you wear them, the sooner they’ll need replacing. But by taking good care of your ladies Nike shoes, you’ll extend their shelf life and keep them in good condition for years to come.

We recommend you store your shoes indoors, not in a garage, shed or car boot, as these environments often fluctuate in temperature and moisture levels which can damage golf shoes over time. Also, be sure to carefully remove dirt from the shoes after every round with a soft, wet cloth, to prevent damage.

Can I wear ladies Nike golf shoes off the course?

Because many of them look like trainers, it’s easy to assume you could wear ladies Nike golf shoes off the course, but we wouldn’t recommend it. This is because the soles of the shoes have been crafted specifically to deal with the grassy surfaces you’ll find on the golf course and offer the underfoot grip you need for a perfect swing.

Wearing these shoes on surfaces like concrete could damage or wear out the soles, impacting their effectiveness on the course. If you want to wear Nike shoes off the course, stick with Nike trainers, not Nike golf shoes.