Ladies Skechers Golf Shoes

One of the fastest-growing shoe brands in the world, Skechers brings its impressive comfort and form-fitting technology to ladies golf shoes. Ladies Skechers golf shoes are ultra comfortable Skechers position as leader in the comfortable walking shoes market puts it in an ideal place to tackle. . . Read More
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Skechers Ladies Go Golf Max 2 Golf Shoes 123030
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Skechers Ladies Go Golf Max 2 Golf Shoes 123030
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear spikeless Ladies Skechers golf shoes off the golf course?

You could try to wear ladies Skechers golf shoes away from the course, Skechers even advertises this on its website, but it’s not advisable in our opinion. This is because the soles are specifically crafted to be walked on the grassy surfaces you’ll find on golf courses.

They’re also built to offer as much grip as possible without the use of spikes, meaning wearing them on a surface like pavement could irreparably scratch, scuff or otherwise damage them, limiting their ability to help you keep your underfoot grip while walking and swinging. If you want to wear something away from the golf course, just pick up a pair of Skechers trainers instead.

Are ladies Skechers golf shoes waterproof?

Many Ladies Skechers golf shoes feature waterproofed uppers, to help repel rain droplets you’ll run into if you get caught in the rain during a game. They’ll also protect your feet if you accidentally spill something on them, like a bottled drink, so you can continue playing your game without having to deal with soggy socks.

Are ladies Skechers golf shoes spiked or spikeless?

Ladies Skechers golf shoes are available in both spiked and spikeless formats, so however you want to play you’ll have a shoe that suits your style. If you’re a traditionalist who prefers the extra stability in your shots, spiked golf shoes will serve you well and help you generate some extra power in your swing. But if you’re more of a modern golfer and appreciate comfort and freedom as you play, you’ll definitely prefer spikeless ladies Skechers golf shoes. While spike-free, these shoes still offer plenty of good grip thanks to their underfoot traction patterns which grip the grass as you move.

Are ladies Skechers golf shoes durable?

Absolutely, with the right kind of TLC, there’s no reason your ladies Skechers golf shoes won’t last you for years to come. Skechers uses the same premium materials in building their golf shoes as their recreational trainers and walking shoes which are hugely popular right now, so you know you’re getting a product you can rely on.