Mens Golf Shoes

The right pair of golf shoes will help a player become completely in sync with his game and the course around him. We have an extensive range of men’s golf shoes for sale from all the major golf shoe brands including Nike, FootJoy, adidas, Ecco and many more. Give your feet the stability and c. . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do golf shoes make a difference?

Definitely. Golf shoes help you generate more power from the ground up by creating more grip between your feet and the ground. Whether they’re spiked or spikeless golf shoes, you’ll still have much more grip when compared to non-golf shoes whatever you choose. Golf shoes also offer stability throughout your swing, helping you maintain the right stance and posture.

What type of men’s golf shoes should I buy?

That depends on you! Golf shoes come with plenty of features desirable to different golfers. Some golf shoes are built with comfort in mind, with features like more cushioned soles. While others are heavily waterproofed to handle the elements. That’s the beauty of golf shoes - plenty to choose from, with options to suit every golfer. 

Are all men’s golf shoes waterproof?

A lot of men’s golf shoes are waterproof or offer some level of water resistance. It’s a useful feature and allows golfers to continue their games relatively unaffected by the rain. But you should always check the product description and specifications before you buy, to make sure the golf shoes you’re looking at meet your needs.

Do men’s golf shoes look like trainers?

A lot of men’s golf shoes - and women’s golf shoes - adopt a more trainer-style appearance. These golf shoes have been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to their style and comfort. But they still offer all the great benefits you’d expect from a traditional golf shoe. Definitely the choice of the modern golfer.