J.Lindeberg Mens Golf Shoes

With a focus on blending fashion and golf innovation, J.Lindeberg golf shoes present a timeless sense of style while offering all the tools a golfer needs to keep their feet firmly in place and lower their scores in ultimate comfort. With over two decades of experience in crafting attractive c. . . Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Are J.Lindeberg golf shoes golf trainers?

Yes, given their trainer-like design and comfortable feel, J.Lindeberg golf shoes can be considered golf trainers. Opposed to traditional leather golf shoes, golf trainers feel closer to the trainers you would wear when walking down the street, while endowed with the technical advantages every golfer needs to help keep their feet stable during their swing, to generate awesome power.

Are J.Lindeberg golf shoes waterproof?

Be sure to double-check the product listing before making a purchase, but yes, most J.Lindeberg golf shoes offer excellent waterproofing to keep your feet dry and warm on the course during drizzly days. Utilising special waterproof seam sealing technology, J.Lindeberg golf shoes prevent the passage of water droplets both through the shoe material and at the seams, for the best protection possible.

Are J.Lindeberg golf shoes spikeless?

Yes, in keeping with the current trend of spikeless golf shoes, J.Lindeberg has avoided traditional rubber cleats in its golf shoes, instead opting for a spikeless design that still offers plenty of grip. The soles of these shoes have been carefully crafted to provide the traction players need to remain fully stable throughout their swing, while still avoiding the restrictive feeling that can come with some spiked golf shoes.

Do J.Lindeberg golf shoes come with a warranty?

Again, be sure to double-check the product listing first, or get in touch with GolfShoes.co.uk for specific product information, but yes, J.Lindeberg golf shoes come with a 1-year warranty as standard. That means if the shoes begin to falter during the first year after purchase (through no fault of the wearer) they can be returned for a replacement pair.