Ladies Callaway Golf Shoes

Along with producing some of the most beloved clubs, gear and accessories in golf, Callaway has also applied its experience and knowledge to create some stellar golf shoes that remain popular on courses everywhere. The practicality on display from Callaway makes these golf shoes a must-have fo. . . Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ladies’ Callaway golf shoes waterproof?

Many of Callaway’s golf shoes come with a waterproof coating, to protect your feet if you encountered a downpour. When your feet are damp, your swing is compromised and you can’t possibly hope to play to your best ability. Waterproof ladies' Callaway golf shoes will keep your feet fresh and dry, so you can always play the way you should.

Are ladies’ Callaway golf shoes breathable?

Some ladies’ Callaway golf shoes are made from breathable, microfibre fabrics, allowing your feet to keep feeling fresh from the start of your round to the end. This also adds extra comfort and feels far less restrictive than some other golf shoe materials.

Be sure to check the product listing carefully before you buy, so you can be sure you’re getting the right golf shoe made from the materials you’re looking for.

Are women’s Callaway golf shoes comfortable?

Absolutely. Impressive technical features like Callaway’s uphill-downhill traction, which offers added cushioning and stability on even the most uneven of terrain, are an added bonus.

Women’s Callaway golf shoes always receive rave reviews for their snug and form-fitting, while also offering plenty of underfoot support to absorb the impact of walking around the course for hours on end. If you’re looking for comfort, Callaway has you covered.

What are ladies’ Callaway golf shoes made of?

Callaway uses a variety of materials in different parts of each shoe, ensuring the best result in all aspects of play. For example, Callaway’s high-performance micro uppers are crafted to be breathable, while still offering a solid level of water protection.

While it's dynamic rubber soles are perfect for keeping your feet ache-free, so you can continue playing without fear of foot fatigue.