Ladies FootJoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy calls itself “the undisputed #1 shoe in golf” for a reason. Ladies' FootJoy golf shoes are known for their exceptional comfort. With slightly wider than average toe space, balanced with a snug heel, your feet will feel free enough to tackle a full eighteen, yet hold enough stability an. . . Read More
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Footjoy Ladies Flex XP Shoes 95335
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Footjoy Ladies Flex Golf Shoes 95729
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FootJoy Ladies Flex Golf Shoes 95726
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear ladies' FootJoy golf shoes off the course?

We’d advise you to keep your ladies’ FootJoy golf shoes for the course. If you try and use them as casual trainers you risk damaging the soles or severely wearing out the grip much faster.

If you do want a pair of ladies' FootJoy golf shoes for casual use as well as for playing, the brand claims its Flex models can be worn away the course – so this would be your best choice.

What are women’s FootJoy golf shoes made of?

FootJoy golf shoes are made of many different materials, depending on the style of the shoe. For example, many women’s FootJoy golf shoes are made with mesh-like material for excellent breathability in the warmer months, allowing you to avoid sweaty feet as much as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, other FootJoy golf shoes that resemble more traditional options are made of high-grain leather for a classy yet stylish touch. The choice is yours!

Are FootJoy ladies' golf boots waterproof?

Not all ladies FootJoy golf boots are designed to repel water, so be sure to read product descriptions carefully so you choose the right ones. However, some FootJoy ladies' golf shoes do come with water protection, to stop stray droplets of water from seeping through the shoe and soaking your feet.

These are usually the varieties that are made of full-grain leather or the ones styled to look like boots. If you’re unsure which shoes are right for you, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be able to advise you.

Are ladies' FootJoy golf shoes a good fit?

FootJoy prides itself on creating golf shoes for both men and women that are a brilliant fit. Using its vast experience in the shoe space, FootJoy can produce shoes that are durable, comfortable and true to size. And with the sheer volume of shoes available, there is bound to be a pair that are perfectly suited to your feet, whatever your size or however your feet may be shaped. Take a look at our range of ladies’ FootJoy golf shoes to find the perfect shoes for you.