How often should you replace golf shoes?

How often should you replace golf shoes?

As avid golfers, you’ll know every aspect of your technique can be traced back, in some way, to our feet.

As the place from which our power, traction and balance are generated, it is essential that we have a pair of good golf shoes to help us have the best game possible and keep hitting those desirable low scores - whether you prefer spiked or spikeless golf shoes.

But just how often should you replace golf shoes? It is easy to become attached to a particular pair after so long, but there comes a time when the shoes - and our game - may demand an upgrade.

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With this in mind, let’s dive deeper into the appropriate time to replace your golf shoes…

How long do the average golf shoes last?

How long is a piece of string? The life expectancy of golf shoes can stretch from a few short months to several years - it all depends on how often they’re played in, the materials they’re made from and how well they’re treated.

For example, a player who only heads to the course once every couple of weeks will likely get far longer out of his golf shoes than someone who plays multiple times per week. Having said that, even if both players play at the same rate, the one who takes the best care of his golf shoes - storing them properly, cleaning them after every round etc. - will usually gain the most use from them before they need replacing.

But the average golfer tends to replace golf shoes every two years or so, as a rule of thumb, for several reasons.

What factors determine whether you should replace golf shoes?

The mood for an upgrade

This is possibly the most popular reason golfers shoot for an upgrade so often, even though it may not be entirely necessary.

Playing in the same golf shoes every day can become tiresome, no matter how well they may still be serving our game.

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or whether you’ve spotted a shiny new pair from your favourite golf shoe brand, sometimes we’re just in the mood for an upgrade - and that’s OK!

Trying new things is important in golf; it’s how we’re able to finally land on our preferred items that serve our game the best and help us feel like we’re playing as well as we can be.

If you feel like a new pair of golf shoes will help you do that, maybe it’s time to set your old pair aside and treat yourself. Besides, new golf shoes often feature technology advancements that make them superior to older models.

Adidas golf shoes and Nike shoes, for example, are always trying to move the needle by incorporating materials and technology from their popular trainers into golf shoes, to improve your game.

So if you’re simply in the mood for a golf shoe upgrade, why not treat yourself to one or multiple pairs? There's no harm in having some variety!

Degrading condition

Modern golf shoes are made from quality, innovative materials that are designed to last. It doesn't matter if you’re playing in traditional leather golf shoes or more recent trainer-style golf shoes, they’re built to last. 

If you take care of them, that is.

Cleaning and maintaining golf shoes will help them last for years, while neglect will significantly shorten their lifespan. 

Removing all elements of dirt and grass from the shoes after a game is essential and they should always be stored indoors at consistent temperatures - not left in a shed or a car boot where the temperature and humidity constantly fluctuate. It's also important to only wear spiked and spikeless shoes on the ground for which they were designed (grass) as walking on concrete is a sure-fire way to ruin golf spikes and golf shoe soles.

Having said that, sometimes, general wear and tear due to consistent use is unavoidable. If you’ve started to notice your golf shoe spikes and other parts of the shoe breaking down (the sole beginning to detach, noticeable cracks in the leather) it may be time to invest in a new pair!

Your game is starting to suffer

As mentioned earlier, pretty much all elements that make our swing good (or bad) can be traced back to our golf shoes and our feet.

Balance and power generation all come from the ground up, so it’s important to have a pair of golf shoes that can best serve these purposes.

However, if you’ve noticed slight changes in your swing that are beginning to affect your scores, and you’ve been using the same golf shoes for a while, it’s worth considering whether the shoes are costing you strokes.

If the shoes are particularly worn, there may be ailments in the spikes (or the sole if you're wearing a spikeless shoe) or the material in general that aren’t letting you properly generate and transfer weight in your swing or control your balance.

Try wearing a friend’s golf shoes for a round, if you can. If you notice an instant improvement, it’s time to ditch the shoes you’re wearing.

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