How waterproof golf shoes can make a difference in your game

How waterproof golf shoes can make a difference in your game

With the weather starting to turn, golfers everywhere are left with a tough decision to make… tuck their clubs away for the winter or wear the appropriate clothing and brave the elements.

While hats and waterproof coats are always first on the mind, waterproof golf shoes can also play a huge role in golfers enjoying a successful game, even when the rain begins to fall. But how exactly do waterproof shoes make a difference in the way we play, and how badly can our game suffer when we don’t have effective protection from the weather?

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How do waterproof golf shoes repel water?

Many golf shoes produced in the classic style already have some impressive water-resistant capabilities thanks to the materials involved. Full-grain leather, for example, while not entirely waterproof, is excellent at keeping water droplets at bay and has been used in weather protection for centuries.

However, modern golf shoe technology has allowed these shoes to take advantage of ultra-thin membranes that are used to seal the shoe without affecting the way it moves or the comfort it offers. Despite the fact they’re sealed with this membrane, many of these waterproof shoes are also still breathable, allowing you to enjoy sweat-free feet without the rain seeping in.

As part of their commitment to giving you the best products possible, some golf shoe manufacturers offer a limited waterproof guarantee with the sale of their shoes - so if the membrane on a waterproof golf shoe fails during the cover period, you have the option to complain and have the shoes replaced or fixed. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to do some research before you buy your next pair.

How can waterproof golf shoes save our game?

  • Wet and cold feet are an incredible distraction

There’s no worse feeling than accidentally stepping into a deep puddle and finding our feet soaked to the bone - meaning we need to spend the rest of the day squelching our way home. But on the golf course, where focus and a firm footing are paramount - wet and cold feet can be an intense distraction to your technique, potentially costing you multiple strokes on every hole.

Add to this the fact that you’re then expected to continue the game for the remaining holes, which could equate to hours of time left to play, damp feet always create an overall unpleasant experience when playing golf.

However, waterproof golf shoes will keep your feet warm and dry even in the most rigorous of downpours. Thanks to their waterproof seal, along with their tight yet cushioned entry point around your ankle, these shoes will prevent rain from drowning your feet and ruining the rest of your game, allowing you to stay focused on your shots. 

  • Damp feet can cause foot shifting

Another disadvantage of wet feet on the golf course is the physical difference it can make in your swing. Despite the fact that spiked golf shoes are designed to offer traction between the sole of the shoe and the ground below, there’s also a natural amount of grip created between the interior of the shoe and the wearer.

However, when water finds its way into your shoes and soaks into your socks, this can create a small yet noticeable slippery environment within your shoe, where your foot begins to slide ever so slightly to fill the remaining space in your shoe as you move.

When walking, this wouldn’t be much of a problem. But during your swing, these small motions could throw your stance into disarray and make you struggle to shift your weight as effectively as you may have with dry feet. That’s why waterproof golf shoes come as a relief in more ways than the obvious; by keeping your feet dry, the shoes can help prevent this awkward internal shifting and help keep your stance and balance on point and your swing on target.

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