Should you own multiple pairs of golf shoes?

Should you own multiple pairs of golf shoes?

Just like your golf clubs, good golf footwear is an essential component of any great round, allowing you to keep yourself balanced, maintain traction with the ground and generate fantastic power in your golf swing.

But while golfers usually only opt to own a single set of clubs at a time, some golfers own several sets of golf shoes, so they’re able to change things up between games.

This isn’t true of everyone, though. There are plenty of players who can find great success with only a single pair of golf shoes. But for those who do own two (or more) pairs, are there any advantages they’re enjoying on the fairway that the other players are missing out on?

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If you’re on the fence, here are just some of the advantages of owning multiple pairs of golf shoes.

The advantages of owning more than one pair of golf shoes

Spiked golf shoes and spikeless golf shoes offer different results

For decades, spiked golf shoes had been the norm on the golf course, allowing players to maintain steady contact with the grass beneath their feet and build power in their shots from the ground up.

While spiked shoes are still very much the most dominant shoe on the golf course, the profile and popularity of spikeless golf shoes are on the rise.

Spikeless golf shoes may not offer quite the same advantage in the grip department as spiked shoes, but their ingenious underfoot designs are crafted to help the spikeless shoe keep solid contact with the ground throughout your swing without the need for spikes.

This makes them an attractive tool for players who want a little more freedom in their movement on the course and perhaps want a looser, more comfort-centric shoe too.

If you owned both a pair of spiked and spikeless golf shoes, you could grab whichever pair caught your eye on any given golf game day and wouldn’t be limited to just one.

There are different golf shoes for different weather conditions

Because golf is an outdoor sport, serious golfers should prepare themselves to tackle whatever conditions the elements throw at them if they want to play regularly. That means playing in both unpleasant downpours and sweltering sunshine.

However, not all golf shoes are built with all weather conditions in mind and wearing the wrong pair on the wrong day could leave your feet feeling far from their best when you finally walk off the golf course.

The solution? Owning more than one pair of golf shoes, with each pair designed to handle specific conditions. For example, lightweight, breathable shoes (many of which resemble running shoes) are perfect for use in those hot summer months where avoiding sweat build-up is an absolute must.

Then again, in the months when rain is common, a pair of hard, boot-like (possibly leather) waterproof golf shoes would help repel water droplets and keep your feet dry and cosy.

Alternate between styles

They may be a practical piece of golf attire, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a real eye-catcher either.

As golf tastes have evolved over the years, and styles have shifted across the decades, so have the way golf shoe manufacturers produce their shoes, to offer pleasing choices to a wide array of golfers.

If you’re a fashion-conscious golfer, owning multiple sets of golf shoes lets you pick and choose between different styles to complement the rest of your clothing. 

Traditionalists opt for a classy, timeless leather golf shoe that’ll never fall out of style, while younger players enjoy wearing trainer-style golf shoes that wouldn’t look out of place walking down the local high street. 

Or perhaps you don’t prefer one style over the other and like to mix things up? In that case, owning multiple sets of golf shoes is an absolute must.

Emergency replacement golf shoes

This is the obvious reason, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Having a second pair of golf shoes ready to go can help immensely should tragedy strike and your preferred golf shoe is rendered unwearable.

Perhaps they’re worn out and the sole has loosened from the rest of the shoe body, or maybe the breathable upper has sustained a tear. Whatever the issue, having another pair of shoes on standby means you won’t need to go out and buy another pair before your next game, or sit at home waiting for a new pair to arrive - your game can go ahead as planned.

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