Top tips on breaking in new golf shoes

Top tips on breaking in new golf shoes

The new year always brings new opportunities to improve on the golf course! If you’re a lucky golfer, your friends, family or loved ones may have treated you to a shiny new pair of golf shoes for Christmas.

While you may be tempted to lace up your new golf footwear and play in them straight away, it’s not always the wisest policy. Some of the best golf shoes from leading brands require “breaking in” before they can be used to their fullest potential. The same could be said for all types of golf shoes, but this is especially true for stiffer, heavier, more traditional shoes, like full-grain leather golf shoes. 

Golf trainers, on the other hand, are usually pretty responsive straight out of the box and won’t require as much TLC to have them performing to their best hole after hole - but it could still be worth giving them a workout.

So, if you've received a pair of new golf shoes over the holidays and want to make them work for you as quickly as possible, here are a few top tips on breaking in new golf shoes.

How to break in new golf shoes effectively

Store them with a shoe tree inside

If you’re unfamiliar, a shoe tree is a tool anyone can use to preserve or correct the internal shape of a shoe so it better fits your foot and doesn’t become warped when sat in storage - which can easily happen, depending on the conditions.

In the case of new golf shoes, storing them with a shoe tree can help loosen any stiffness in the material, so the shoe operates better as the wearer walks between shots. Leather golf shoes, for example, can be particularly stiff when new and a shoe tree can help relieve some of this stiffness, so the shoes are more malleable and comfortable to wear sooner.

Don’t tie the laces too tight at first

We always want to make sure our golf shoes are tight enough to grip our feet safely, while also helping us generate more power in our shots without slippage. But you may find golf shoes that are too tight are more harmful than helpful.

Because the material can be very resistant, putting too much strain on the laces - and the materials around the laces - can actually damage the shoe and alter its feeling and shape permanently. On the other hand, tying the laces slightly looser than usual will help the material adapt to the user more gently, resulting in a more comfy golf shoe-wearing experience. This will also help the shoes last longer, so you can wear them for years to come.

Try walking in the golf shoes first

As enthusiastic as you may be to head straight to the first tee in your new golf shoes, you should consider avoiding the course at first, if only for a short while. 

Depending on the type of golf shoe you’ve received, they may require breaking in more intensely than others. Otherwise, your first game wearing them could be plagued with sore, aching feet, or a feeling of resistance as you’re trying to swing.

A fantastic way to do this is by walking in your golf shoes for a few hours before stepping onto the course. Find a grassy area - the garden or public parks work well - and have a wander in your new golf shoes. This will help relax the materials as well as help your feet get used to the new feeling they offer when compared to your previous pair.

Just be careful, though - if you’re wearing a pair of spiked shoes, don’t go walking anywhere you’d be in trouble for causing some minor damage to the grass. Spikeless golf shoes should be absolutely fine.

Wear comfortable, protective socks

Just like any pair of formal shoes, traditional golf shoes have a tendency to rub against the feet of the wearer whilst they’re being broken in. This can be an uncomfortable experience players could do without - especially if the sensation is causing a distraction during games.

To combat this, consider wearing slightly thicker socks than usual when playing in new golf shoes. This will help protect your feet from any awkward rashes caused by friction and offer superior comfort while the shoes still offer resistance.

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