Why do my golf shoes hurt?

Why do my golf shoes hurt?

Whether you’re new to playing golf or a self-professed golf veteran, anybody can be prone to sore feet on the golf course.

It only makes sense; we do that much walking and shifting our weight in our golf swing, we’re bound to pick up a few strains and scrapes now and then.

But what if the source of your foot pain is less about your motion and more about your golf shoes? If you've been asking yourself, 'Why do golf shoes hurt so much?', you should look into why your golf shoes are giving you trouble and replace them with supportive shoes that won't leave you suffering on the back nine.

At GolfShoes.co.uk, we’re home to a massive selection of new golf shoes from the world’s biggest brands, so we'll always have a pair of ultra-comfortable golf shoes to suit you. With this in mind, here are a few reasons your golf shoes might be causing serious foot issues or painful foot injuries, and things you can do to solve it.

The reasons golf shoes can hurt when you play golf – and what you can do about it

Wrong size

Generally, golf shoes are very true to size. Golf shoe manufacturers work hard to make sure their sizes match the numbers you’ll find on conventional shoes and trainers pretty well.

That isn’t to say this is always the case, though. You may have become used to wearing a particular size of trainer, which can have quite a lot of give and spare room without affecting the dynamics of your movement.

But if you’ve picked up a golf shoe in the same size, you might find it’s not the right fit, and you could have done with a size larger or smaller, to enjoy the controlled fit you need. Wearing the wrong size golf shoe is a good way to cause longer-term foot injuries, though, so you should solve the problem sooner than later.

Luckily, at GolfShoes.co.uk, we’ve got plenty of golf shoes in many different sizes, so take a look at our selection to find the right size for you.

Poor internal padding

Golf brands are well aware of how much impact the soles of our feet suffer on the golf course throughout an arduous 18 holes.

This is why selected golf shoes, like Nike golf shoes, include special padding such as memory foam or similar, to prevent you from suffering chronic pain and keep you performing at your best.

The shoes you’re wearing now might not have such padding, or they might not be responsive enough to offer the support you need. In this case, it could be worth shopping around if you’re struggling with underfoot pain constantly.

You’re still breaking them in

Like most shoes, golf shoes require a little ‘breaking in’ before they can offer you their full benefits. This is especially true for leather golf shoes, which can be slightly heavier than more recent golf trainers. The materials need time to loosen and the shoe itself needs time to adapt to the motions of your foot.

So if your toes sustained some restriction, rubbing, or slight pain the last time you wore your golf shoes but they’re relatively new, keep wearing them for a few more games to see how they feel. If you’re still experiencing problems after two or three games, it could be worth looking elsewhere.

Poor fit

No two pairs of feet are the same, which is why it can be difficult for golf shoe manufacturers to produce golf shoes that can satisfy every player.

Having said that, some players are home to feet that are outside the norm; these feet could be a different shape or dimensions to most, meaning the players in question need golf shoes to match their feet as closely as possible if they want to avoid foot pain.

A common occurrence is that some golfers have wider feet than others, which could lead to some tightness and friction if they’re not wearing the right golf shoes.

But manufacturers took note of this and have begun producing golf shoes to specifically fit players with wider feet, so they can enjoy the freedom and comfort they’ve always needed on the course. If you’re one of these players, take a look at some of our wide-fit golf shoes.

Bad socks

A golf shoe is only as effective as the socks that are supporting it. Without a pair of comfy and high-quality golf shoe socks, you could be opening yourself up to excessive foot movement within the shoe, and injury as a result.

So if your golf shoes feel as snug and supportive as you think they should be, yet you’re still suffering from spontaneous burns, it’s a good idea to examine your golf socks and to swap them out for a newer, more robust pair.

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